“Rymd” released today

“Rymd” is the swedish word for “space”, which I’ve tried reflecting in the artwork as well as the music. An idea partially birthed by witnessing a clear,  starry sky from the foot of a hill in Iceland during a breezy night in July, and produced during a time span of six years. It started life in Dublin, Ireland, was further developed in Stockholm, Sweden and completed in Bogotá, Colombia during the Covid19-lockdown of 2020. Living in different parts of the world has influenced how it sounds, since I’ve had access to different tools but also experienced different situations at various times during its six years of production.

What runs as a red thread through “Rymd” and ultimately inspired it is my fascination with the wonders of time and space. In that sense, it is a project that has been about escapism as much as it has been about curiosity, but perhaps also about trying to feel at home at the same time.

It’s a project close to heart that is quite different from my previous musical excursions and I hope that “Rymd” can perhaps provide a sonic texture to some of your moments as they have to mine.

Go to https://jpl-music.com to find links for streaming.

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